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Train like an athlete. Recover like an athlete. That’s the Athlete Within Moto. Recovery days are essential for all athletes of all levels. Getting adequate rest or recovery has many benefite and our missio to elevate the standard of “days off” by providing treatments that help to speed up muscle recovery, prevent injury and drive your athletic performance.


When it comes to training like an athlete, you must recover like an athlete. You will have access to state-of-the-art recovery treatments and equipment. This includes Cold Plunge, Normatec compression boots, Hyperice percussion devices, chiropractic care, and manual therapy.

Cold Plung/Hyperice

  • Boosts Energy: A quick dip in the cold plunge can elevate your mood and increase your energy throughout the day. 
  • Muscle Recovery: When you submerge yourself in cold water, your blood vessels constrict. This reduces inflammation, just like using an ice pack. 
  • Immune Support: Cold water submersion stimulates leukocytes, the white blood cells that help you fight sickness. 
  • Momentum: Cold plunging increases baseline dopamine, the molecule in our bodies linked to motivation.
  • Pain Relief: Cold Plunging has proven to boost norepinephrine up to 5x, helping reduce inflammation and chronic pain. 

Normatec Compression Boots

  • Increased Circulation: Normatec’s compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber. 
  • Reduced Recovery Time: Normatec uses dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage that helps you feel refreshed faster. 
  • Reduced Pain & Soreness: Normatec is proven to help with lymphatic drainage and inflammation. It helps ease sore muscles, especially after intense exercise.